Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Howden in the First World War

It seems a long time now since Christmas. The tree is down, the needles vacuumed up [ although there always seem to be a few that you miss] and my WEA classes are starting again this week.

In both classes [ Howden and Goole] we are looking at the local area and the First World War. I have taken the names from the Howden War memorial.

Names on the Howden war memorial  World War One

Pte. Cyril Cuthbert AGAR
Lieu. Harold Edward AGAR
Spr. Tom George ANDREW        
Pte. Albert AVEY
Pte. Arthur James BAKER
Pte. Harold BELL
Pte. Ephraim BENTLEY
Rfh. Charles Singleton BLAND
Pte. John Bertram BRADFORTH
Tpr. Lionel Calam BURGESS
Pte. John CAMP
Cpl. Richard COLLINS
Pte. James Martin CONNER
Pte. William Henry DOVE
Pte. Alfred FITCH
Dvr. Harry FRANKS
Pte. Robert GILL
F.Lieut. William GLEW
Pte. Sidney GOODYEAR
Pte. Harold HABLETT
Pte. George HAIGH
Sgt. Harry HALL
Pte. Charles HALL
Spr. William HUSTLER
Pte. John George JACKSON
Sgt. Reginald Percival JONES
Pte. Arthur Edwin KAYE
Pte. William Henry Forester KNOX
Pte. Reginald Glendinning LAKE
Pte. James William LANGHORN
Pte. John Augustus Blanchard LATHAM
Ab.Sn. John Thomas LINTON
Pte. Harold LUCAS
 Lt.Cm. Charles Ceasar de Merindol MALAN
Cpl. John William MARKHAM
Pte. Thomas MARSTON
Pte. Mathew William MARQUIS
Tpr. Harry MATHEWS
Pte. Thomas Stephen MOONEY
A.S. Richard Henry Kirby MYERS
Pte. John William NEWHAM
Sgt. Leonard Riby NICHOLSON
Pte. William NUTBROWN
Pte. Herbert OLIVER
Pte. Thomas Francis PEAM
Pte. John Edward POOLEY
Pte. William Norman ROWNTREE
2 Lt. Charles Frederick SAUNDERS
Q.M.Sgt. John Everitt SAUNDERS
Pte. Jack Stather SHERBURN
Pte. William SHIRBON
Pte. Robert SIMMS
Spr. Ernest SMITH
Pte. Thomas Frederick SPIVEY
Pte. William SWEETING
Pte. Thomas THORNTON
Tpr. Robert Butler THROSSELL
Tpr. James William WARNER
Pte. James Henry WILKINSON
Pte. Harold WOODALL
Pte. Richard WOODALL
Bugler. George WRAY

Pte. Albert Henderson BRABBS
Pte. Thomas William HORNSHAW
L/Cpl. Sidney Clifford PLASTER

Lieut. George Eric Asquith ANDERTON
Pte. Walter CHATHAM
L/Cpl. James JACKSON
Pte. Herbert MIDDLETON
Pte. Walter Edward SWEETING
Gnr. Fred WATSON
Pte. Arthur WILSON
Able Seaman Thomas WOOD

L/Cpl. Thomas DOBSON
Pte. Francis Albert ROBINSON
Pte. Richard Laurence WILSON

L/Cpl. Herbert William RAMSEY
Sgt. George Henry TIPPING
Pte. Arthur WAINMAN

We hope to find out more about these men and also about other men who served during the war from the Howden area but who returned safely.

We hope maybe to get the information online and also into a booklet. If you have any information that might help please get in touch. We would particularly like any photos.

Most of the names which are on the memorial are of men who were born in and lived in the area all their lives. But some are a bit of a mystery.

Why, we wondered, was  Charles Ceasar De Merindol Malan, a Lieut Commander  in the Royal Navy who was killed, aged 31, after his ship, HMS Opal was wrecked in a snowstorm off  the Orkneys in January 1918 commemorated on the Howden memorial.

So I looked up his details and found that he was born in Howden in 1887 as was his younger brother John. Their father was an engineer, born in Switzerland and by 1891 the family was living in Hull. So that explains why he is commemorated in Howden - but  now I wonder what project Mr Malan was working on in Howden.


  1. Jim Thirkettle was the uncle I never knew.He was the youngest of 3 brothers. My father(John George) was the eldest then Uncle Bill. There was also Auntie Olive. They all moved to the Leeds/Bradford area. I was born in Leeds the youngest of 3. My elder brother Jim was named in honour of my fathers btother.

    1. My dad was also named Jim thirkettle he had a younger brother named Eric and sister nanamed Minnie .
      . during the war he was in the RAF .after the war he settled in London

    2. Hello, I am Patricia, my son is named after his great grandfather John George Thirkettle

  2. I have just read this post and others on your site, with great intrest. My Grandfather was John Hornsby of Bellcross Howden. He served throughout WW1 in the Royal Engineers, and was wounded and gassed. He returned to Howden from Baghdad in April 1919.
    I have photos and paper cutting, if you are interested I can forward copies to you by email. My contact details are nuttynorman@btinternet.com

  3. My Grandmother's youngest brother Lionel Calam Burgess was in the East Yorkshire Regiment in WW1 and is buried in Kantara Cemetry. The Burgess's lived at Fleetham Mill, Kirby Fleetham,Northallerton. His name is on the memorial in Kirby Fleetham Church. We would love to know why Lionel joined this regiment as he was not from this area. My Grandmother always said they (his parents and brothers and sister) never knew where his body was. We only found out in the last few years thanks to the internet. Very sad.

  4. I've just come across your very interesting blog after talking to my Mum this afternoon and subsequently doing some research on Howden. Herbert Oliver was my Great Uncle on my Mum's side of the family. I have a copy of a photo of him which says on the rear that he died of shell shock on the 16th of December 1918. My Great Grandparents were John Edward Oliver and Mary Eleanor Oliver (nee Wilson) and they lived at 37 Bridgegate. My Great Aunt Edith Ann Oliver lived at the same address and is mentioned on your website as "Nurse Oliver". My Mum's memories of the house in Bridgegate were of it being very run down, with no running water and the toilet at the bottom of the garden.