Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Good news for family historians

As this crisis continues I am forever grateful that I have a garden to walk round every morning. It must be so difficult for those who do not. Here I walk Molly  around every morning and as there is no hurry to go anywhere else I think I am noticing more.

But I am keeping busy too with  history and received a call this morning from the Goole librarian who asked me to pass on the news that anyone who is a member of East Riding libraries can log on and have access to the family tree sites Ancestry and Find my Past. Normally you can only use them in the actual library but now anyone can access them from home.

I have been looking at the history of Kilpin recently and found a surprising amount of information for such a small place. But as yet I have found no old pictures - anyone out there have any?

The picture below is the site of the Garden King Factory where as a student I worked on the frozen pea processing line. My job was to stand over a conveyor belt and pick off bits of pod and other unwanted objects. I can still remember the smell of warm peas today.

The other pictures I have taken today in the garden.

An aerial view of Kilpin, now the site of several new houses


Hens having a chat


The bees are being busy in the sunshine

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