Saturday 20 April 2013

East Yorkshire Family History society

This week I went to the Carnegie Centre in West Park in Hull to give a talk to the East Yorkshire Family History Society. There was a good audience and my talk about Howden and the Howdenshire villages seemed to go down well.

I still think that 'our' area of Yorkshire is not very well known and so I am keen to spread the word, showing that evening pictures of  Knedlington, Booth, Asselby, Barmby, Skelton, Sandhall, Saltmarshe, Laxton, Eastrington, Portington, Gilberdyke, Staddlethorpe, Broomfleet and Newport.

I still have not got my potatoes in and we have been struggling to get our old Merry Tiller rotovator to run. It starts but then soon splutters into silence. I think there is a problem with the fuel but we are a bit daunted at the thought of taking it to pieces. Might have to resort to a spade.

This week too I have written a piece about the history of Howden Show to go in the programme. I remember watching the cycle racing in the dusk, sitting on the wooden grandstand and seeing Howden's own cycling champion Bill Barrow fly by. He won races all over Yorkshire, sometimes cycling to the event, racing and then cycling home. When not cycling he painted the names on many of the local signposts. I should be pleased to add any more memories of the show or Bill Barrow.