Sunday 24 November 2013

Goole Times - Back in Time pictures

Back to the computer after the excitement of watching the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special last night. Even though I am not an avid fan I did enjoy it and even managed to understand it - although I am sure I missed lots of references to previous stories.

I thought I would upload some of the pictures which have recently appeared on the Back in Time pages of the Goole Times. This week's issue included some which, to be honest, I had forgotten I had submitted - one of harvesting was sent in August to coincide with the harvest this year !

However it is always interesting to put names to faces on some of the group pictures as even if I trace when the picture appeared originally often the individual names were not put in.

I am uploading them in small versions but if you want to order a bigger version or a print contact me through my website.

Goole British Legion ladies committee
from left Alice Holborough [ standard bearer], Gwendoline Robinson, Esme?, Bella Chesman, Avril Rockett,  Rene Lewis

Howden Brownies - around 1970

Bus trip from Goole Grammar school

Combine harvesting near Goole

Howden cubs around 1970

Sunday 17 November 2013

Molly and a hedgehog

I have just come in from walking Molly. The leaves are beautiful this year and as yet it is still mild enough to walk in just a sweatshirt. I understand however that winter is arriving next week. Molly was on her lead as we passed a dead hedgehog on the roadside. A couple of days ago she was not and it took some time to wash off the smell after she rolled delightedly on top of it.

My old pictures often appear in the Goole Times but talking to a friend earlier in the week she asked when the pictures were going to feature somewhere other than Goole. A fair point and I shall try to submit some of the local villages such as Blacktoft, Holme on Spalding Moor,  Rawcliffe and the town of Snaith. I have hundreds of pictures but  am easily distracted by writing when I should be cataloguing!

Some of my most recent acquisitions are pictures of around Drax  - long before it became famous as the site of the giant power station.

This is a view of the Drax Primitive Methodist chapel on the left and the Huntsman Inn a little further down the street.

Thursday 7 November 2013

Howden airship trail

Time seems to fly by at the moment and it is well over a fortnight since I wrote anything. So here is a catch-up on local history matters.

First my friend Ken Deacon from Howden, expert on the airship R100, has come up with the idea of creating an airship trail in the town. His plan, backed by the Civic Society, is to embed plaques of the R100 airship, which was built near the town in 1929, along the Market Place to show how long this magnificent airship actually was. The trail will run from the corner of Market Place up to the Ashes Playing Field.

In order to fund the plaques, which have to be specially cast, Ken and the Society have made a bid to something called The People's Millions. The project has made it to the final and we are all going to vote for it on November 26th after it has been featured on ITV local news programme Calendar. The project with most votes wins the funds.

Read more about it on the Howden Civic Society site.

On Saturday 2nd November Goole library held a family history day which was very successful. I met many interesting people and found more information for our WEA current class project - the fish and chip shops of Goole!

At home the leaves are turning but are still on the trees. Autumn seems late this year and I hope we don't have any more strong winds here until all the leaves are off. We avoided most of  the much forecast storm, nicknamed apparently St Jude, but some of the tall ash trees rocked alarmingly.

Recently on Twitter many people have been viewing old pictures which have been restored and coloured to give them a feeling of immediacy. My friend Pippa has been doing this for some time and has had great success with both local scenes and people. It is amazing how an old cracked and damaged black and white photo can be brought back to life. Below is a sample of her work. Contact me through the website if you would like more details

We believe these men were Volunteers from the Goole area