Wednesday 6 June 2018

Yorkshire Post article about Howden dig

I was delighted to read in this weekend's Yorkshire Post an article by local writer Lucy Oates about the proposed archaeological dig behind the Howden heritage centre. Although no actual digging has yet taken place we hope to find some evidence of the Bishop of Durham's lodgings where bishops, princes and kings stayed in medieval times.

It seems to have been a busy few weeks which is why this blog entry has been delayed. I  have been researching more of the history of Old Goole for a talk I gave to the Marshland History group last Tuesday. There was a good sized audience to hear about the big houses there where, in the nineteenth century, Goole's 'movers and shakers' lived and entertained.

I have also written an article for the Howdenshire Magazine [out now] about Howden's banking history. Not such a dry a topic as you might imagine involving suicides, bankruptcy [literally] and emigration to Australia.

Meanwhile our garden is quite dry and some spinach plants I put in are running to seed, as is the rhubarb. Our seven chickens are laying steadily and we have already taken some honey off and have sold several jars.

In fact I took some to the Hobbies Exhibition in Goole on Saturday which had been postponed from when we were inches deep in snow earlier in the year. This time we had the doors open as it was quite warm. Despite its being half term there were plenty of visitors asking about such topics as the course of the Old Derwent, Marsh End in Howden and Goole ships.

On Friday we are welcoming 30 members of the East Yorkshire Local History Society to Saltmarshe and giving them a talk, lunch and opening our museum to them. We are  always happy to take group bookings and this year hope to have regular openings for passing visitors as well as by appointment. Just contact me through my website

This cupboard in our museum dates from when the cottage was built - 1763- just after George III became king
Later this month, on 28th June at 2pm,  I am giving a slideshow [ Powerpoint really but does not sound the same somehow!] in the Heritage Centre. I am going to show old pictures of Howden and explain how the town has changed over the years. Admission is free but donations to the centre funds will be welcome