Saturday, 10 November 2012

Howden book launch - Friday November 23rd

It is a lovely sunny November weekend and I have been out with Molly having a bonfire of hedge clippings and old cardboard boxes. Molly has enjoyed snuffling in the undergrowth in the wood and I have been collecting fallen twigs to bring in to dry. They make good firelighters for both the Rayburn and the front room fire.

I have now fixed a date to launch my book about Howden. I have booked a table in the Shire Hall for Friday 23rd November from 9 am  (there is a market in Howden on Fridays) and am going sit behind it,  sign my books and hopefully meet lots of old friends and make new ones!! There will be an exhibition of old local photos and objects as well as refreshments available.

I am selling my books that day at £10 a copy - the normal price will be £10.50. I hope readers will enjoy it - I have enjoyed writing it. Many people have shared information and photographs with me and although like any author I am always a bit nervous about possible mistakes I am looking forward to sharing what I have written with a wider audience.

It seems appropriate to launch it actually inside the building which is shown on the front cover - see my previous blog post for the front cover picture.

Back cover of my Howden history book 


  1. Best of luck with your new book. Where will it be available to buy?

    I enjoy your Eastrington book.

  2. I love this book. My mum, always one with an eye for a bargain, asked her neighbour Albert to go into Howden and fetch a signed copy on the day of the launch, thus saving fifty pence. My mum was too ill to go with him but wanted to get a copy to give me for Christmas.

    Sadly she died just before Christmas, but we found the book in her empty house and I was grateful to receive it as a final gift from my lovely mum.

    It seemed equally appropriate that her funeral service was also in the Shire Hall, the building shown on the front cover.

    1. I am deeply touched David by what you have written.

      Thank you for sharing your and your mum's story. I am glad and very humbled that the book was able to be a final gift to you from your mum; I hope it will be one of many wonderful lasting memories of her.