Friday, 4 January 2013

Goole Times - Back in Time

Readers of the Goole Times may have noticed that I have begun contributing to the newspaper's very interesting 'Back in Time' pages. These weekly pages feature articles and photographs from readers who have memories and information about the history of Goole and the wider area.

I have recently written an article in the newspaper about the great number of young goslings which were imported through Goole, arriving in crates on the decks of such ships as the SS Wharfe.

I have also contributed some of my old photographs to the 'Back in Time' pages. Many of these pictures did originally appear in the Goole Times but they have no identification on the back with regard to year or occasion.

I am putting small versions of the published pictures here on my blog. If you are interested in purchasing copies as either prints or digital images do visit my website - Howdenshire History - and fill in the contact form.

Goole Traders fancy dress

Children from Boothferry Road school with Goole's Christmas tree

Geese grazing on Victoria Street in Goole, now the site of the telephone exchange

Last night in the Steam Packet 4th March 1967 before it was demolished. Landlord Ken Rose

SS Wharfe of Goole

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  1. The photograph of the schoolchildren in front of the Christmas Tree outside the Market Hall is, as identified by readers in the Goole Times, a group of Boothferry Road School children, probably in 1966, my brother's last year at BRS before moving up to GGS. Martin Ward (1955-1992) is standing on the left. By 1966 most of the children are wearing duffle coats or other styles in fashion, whilst Martin seems to be the only one in a gabardine raincoat - no doubt from Foster and Tetley, our father's shop.