Friday, 29 March 2013

Cold weather

It is Good Friday, the day when gardeners traditionally plant their potatoes. I have been outside today, wrapped up in woolly hat, gloves and scarf and looked at my veg plot. It is barren with just a few weeds and certainly in no state to plant into.

Like everyone else I am fed up with the cold, the wind and the light but definite snow showers we keep having. Even the chickens, who were laying quite well have gone on strike. I gave them a lot of hay today in their nest boxes to keep them warm and encourage them to lay again.

The Howden junior school centenary celebrations went well and the children released their 100 balloons in the Market Place last Friday morning.

We have been researching the very early history of Goole and looking at the work of Jolliffe and Banks who were the contractors for the construction of the docks in the 1820s. There is a lot more to be found out about the mechanics of exactly how the work was carried out and how and from where the stone for example was transported.

We are still updating the website and working particularly on the old picture pages. They are very out of date at the moment and there are a vast number of old photos and pictures waiting to be uploaded. I have been collecting pictures of Yorkshire towns and villages and include one here of Bridlington in the hope that we are heading for a lovely warm summer when we can visit 'Brid' and enjoy a walk in the sunshine.

an old picture of Bridlington Spa

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