Saturday, 11 April 2015

Historical ship pictures, Goole

I have been sorting out my old pictures and in particular the many relating to Goole ships and the docks. I must have hundreds and am trying to get them all digitised and eventually online. Do ask if you are interested in a specific ship as I may have a picture.

Sadly far fewer ships now pass my house on the River Ouse on their way to and from Goole. It must have been a wonderful sight when all the steamers and keels crowded the river. Almost every Goole family had some connection with shipping.

Even when I first came to live here  I remember seeing several ships on every tide. In particular I remember the giant Renault car carriers such as the Autostrada which towered over the house as they returned after leaving their cargo at Goole.

I remember too seeing the 'ity' ships which were all owned by F T Everard,  several of which were built by the Goole Shipbuilding yard.

The river is  beautiful to look at and there are several pleasure craft moving at weekends but many tides pass with no ships.

Here is a picture of an Everard vessel, the  Astrality.

She was built for the  Ministry of War Transport and managed by F. T. Everard & Sons of London.  She was sold in 1946 to the Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Co. Ltd., of London and renamed Bolma. In 1955, she was sold to Everard and renamed Astrality. In 1965, the vessel was sold again to Marittima Fluviale Méridionale, of Palermo, Italy, and renamed Monte Berico.

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