Monday, 1 June 2015

Blog mention on Radio Humberside

Today I was talking to a friend about our new bees when the phone began to ring. Several people had been listening to Radio Humberside [ to Phil White about 12.50 pm] when he mentioned me and this very blog, about which he was very complimentary. This was excellent - but he also mentioned that I had not updated it since May 5th - so here is a new post.

Firstly a big thank you to all who came to the concert at Laxton Victory Hall on 16th May in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. This raised £600 for Macmillan and £120 for the village hall. The hall was packed and we enjoyed music ranging from Gershwin and Vaughan Williams to traditional pieces played on the Celtic harp. Performers were Amy Butler [piano] and Steven Goulden [tenor] who are both locally-based professional musicians and Joan and Dave Hill from Beverley.

We have been busy too becoming beekeepers. Many years ago I kept bees and so had some of the equipment. But I  was well out of practice when three weeks ago we set up a hive and a friend brought us a nucleus. Three days later another friend brought a swarm he had collected in his garden. So now we have two hives and are on a very steep learning curve. We have white suits and a smoker and so far only two stings. We are keeping the tradition of talking and singing to them and so far all is well.

Historically I have been looking at Saltmarshe history with a view to progressing my long term project of writing a village history. I am also looking at the Doubtfire family of London, Goole and Hemingbrough  as I am working on a brief article about them.

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