Friday, 11 September 2015

Elmit Cook of Goole - and Trinity House

After I had posted Elmit Cook's obituary I was contacted by another friend, Pauline Stainton of Goole.
It was in fact she who had first become interested in Captain Cook and had suggested that his obituary might be interesting.
Below she explains what sparked her interest:

Captain Elmit Cook & Trinity House.
Earlier this year, the late captain’s Trinity House documents were discovered at a Collector’s Fair on the Lincolnshire Show Ground. 

They are dated 13th March 1919 when Elmit Cook was installed as a Younger Brother of Trinity House. The main document is printed on vellum and Trinity House informed me it is called a branch. The seal was originally attached to this document.

The second document of two pages is the Oath of a Younger Brother & includes the Byelaws of Trinity House. This document is also signed & dated. The third & smaller document is a Copy of Declaration required to be made by a Younger Brother on being elected an Assistant.

Contact with the Warden’s secretary at Hull confirmed that these items do belong together & were part of the ceremony when Captain Cook was installed.  He added that the ceremony had hardly changed in a hundred years & experienced mariners still have to pass a pilotage exam.  He also said that becoming a member was considered an honour & still is to this day.

Document and seal relating to Elmit Cook of Goole

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