Saturday 22 April 2023

A village funeral

It's gardening time now and we have managed to get in some onions and potatoes. I still have tender stem broccoli and Swiss chard in the greenhouse but today it has turned colder and drizzly and  it's not encouraging to spend a lot of time outside.

Yesterday afternoon I attended the funeral in Eastrington church for Dolly Atkinson,  a lady I had known all my life. She was 98 and the church was full as we celebrated her life. Like probably everyone there I had eaten her famed teacakes and we heard how, after growing up and working on the family farm she had moved to a bungalow in the village and had been a stalwart supporter of both church and the village hall. It was both a comforting and uplifting service.

 In the [old] village hall. From left Greta Atkinson, Betty Hoggard, Dolly Atkinson, Mrs Wilburn 

A winning Eastrington school choir in 1936 on the steps of Hull City Hall. Dolly Atkinson with fringe and wearing a summer dress is on the extreme left. My aunt Jean Nurse [Sellers[ is  on the front row, left of the boy with a short sleeved shirt.

On Easter Monday I gave talks and tours at what turned out to be a very popular Howden Minster open day.  There is a lot of history to cover [!!] so I just  mentioned the highlights ranging from John who sat up in his coffin at his funeral to the possible visit of Parliamentary troops to the church in 1644, the collapse of the choir roof in 1696 due to lack of maintenance and the disastrous fire of 1929. And of course we looked at the Coronation window which was installed in 1953.

Then last week I gave two talks - on the same day - about the history of the Saltmarshe family and the village.  The first was to the ladies of Hook WI who were having afternoon tea in Saltmarshe hall. They were a very friendly and lively group. In the evening it was the monthly meeting of the Boothferry history group in the Courtyard in Goole. It was a challenging start as the overhead projector there failed to work - and not for the first time - but I had brought my own projector just in case and after setting that up all went well.

Tonight I am attending a concert in Snaith  Priory church by the Beverley Male Voice Choir which also includes performances from Shakespeare by local poets. Should be a good evening.

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  1. My sister and friend from Snaith attending Concert.