Tuesday 5 September 2023

Autumn term

 The new term has begun and the weather is beautiful.  I belong to - and teach-  a history group in Skelton village hall. We met yesterday for the first time since April and talked about the early days of Goole, right back to the staithe at Morham which was in medieval times  on the Ouse at the end of Murham lane, now North Street. But it seemed a shame to pull down the blinds when the sun was shining so brightly outside. The group welcomes new members. Just contact me on susanebutler@btinternet.com for more information.

I am keeping my hand in with family history research. A lady has lost her ancestor, William Anson/ Hanson who says he was born at Howden in 1832/33. But he does not turn up until his marriage in Hull in 1857 in a Primitive Methodist chapel. He was a ship's engineer. There is another William Anson with similar dates in Hull at the same time working a similar job but he was definitely baptised at Brantingham. Both men give Joseph as their father. Are they the same man or were there two of them? I wonder what they would all think if they knew how much we hang on now to what they put on censuses and marriage records!

In more domestic news we are eating apple pies and crumbles and just finishing off a good crop of tomatoes in the greenhouse. A success too this year were some cucumbers which looked like lemon apples - I am going to try and save some seed from them.  The grass is still growing and I am very pleased that where the garden was dug up to have drainage work done only a few weeks ago it is now not really possible to see where the trenches were- nature soon  restores itself.

Tomorrow evening I am talking to the Howden Civic Society about the old pubs of Howden. I am hoping to rekindle some memories from the older members of the audience!!

Here's a picture to begin. But I don't know all the names and am not certain of the location. Any help?

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