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Old photos of Goole people - 3

Here is a further selection of well-known people from Goole's past.

T Temple
Mr Jolley
Mr  James Branford

The death occurred on Saturday [25th April 1936] at the age of 74 of Mr James W. Branford of 44 Dunhill Road Goole, who for 51 years was in the employ of the Aire and Calder Navigation.

Mr Branford was born at Wells, Norfolk, first began work in a colliery office but when 18 years old he came to Goole.

He began work for the Aire and Calder Navigation when there was only one hoist at Goole and five tugs. When he retired after 51 years with the company there were five hoists and eighteen tugs. Mr Branford began his service as a fireman but soon afterwards became an engineer on one of the compartment tugs in which position he remained for 46 years. He retired in 1931.

Mr and Mrs Branford celebrated their golden wedding on June 22nd 1934, Mr Brandford having in his possession at that time a copy of the announcement of the wedding which appeared in the Goole Times.  He leaves a widow and two sons. The interment took place at Goole cemetery on Tuesday afternoon the (Rev H.E. W--  M.A) officiating.

The chief mourners were Mrs J.W. Branford, (widow), Mr and Mrs C.W. Bradford, (son and daughter in law), Mr and Mrs H. Branford, (son and daughter in law), Mr C.H. Branford (grandson), Mr J.R. Branford, brother, Mr and Mrs J. Branford, (brother and sister in law), Mrs R. Branford, (sister in law), Miss A. Lazenby, (sister in law), Mr E. Branford, Mr B. Maw, Mr A. Maw, (nephews), Miss M. Maw, Miss J. Clayson, Miss L.Tune, (nieces).

A number of Mr Branford`s former work mates represented the Aire and Calder Navigation; they included Messrs A. Caukill, A. Wood, E. Shaw, and T. Graham, who acted as bearers. Others present were Mr A.E. Bainbridge, Mr H. Harris, Mrs Sykes, Mr and Mrs E. Hill, Mr R. Sherburn, and Mr T. Hewson.

Wreaths were received from “his sorrowing wife and family”, “Bill and Garry”, “his grandchildren”, “Alice and Bob” “Ada and nieces”, “Herbert and Jennet”, “Milli Albert Doris and Ben”, “Billy and Nell”, “Dick Tish and Mary”, “Joe Emily and family”, Kate Branford, (sister in law), “A.E. Bainbridge, and Peggy”, “Mollie”, “Phylis Amy and Cyril”, Mrs Sykes, Mr and Mrs W.S. Peek, Capt and Mrs Sykes and family, Hilda Robins.

T E Kettlewell

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