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Old photos of Goole people

I have in my collection of old photos many of Goole people who have in the past served as local councillors, town officials, ministers etc. I am publishing some of them here in the hope that I can find out a little more about them and their contributions to Goole's history. Do please add your comments.

I already have information about some of them and would like to acknowledge the contributions of Gilbert Tawn, a keen local historian, who has provided reports from the old files of the Goole Times newspaper.

Mr A Kirby

Cllr Edith Maud Burniston

Marriage of Mrs Burniston in 1934

The vicar of Snaith (the Rev C.H. Moxley) was married in his own church on Tuesday to Mrs Edith Maud Burniston of The Lodge, Snaith. The wedding took place at 8am and was very quiet. The Rev R.N. D----e (vicar of Pollington) officiated.

Few people of Snaith knew that the wedding was to take place on Tuesday. When the engagement was announced on February 22nd last it was said that the wedding would take place during the summer.

Mrs Burniston has been a well-known public figure in the Snaith and Goole districts for a number of years. Her first husband Mr James Burniston died three years ago after practising as a solicitor for many years in Goole, Snaith and Thorne.

Mrs Burniston is perhaps best known locally for her work as an entertainer and in politics she is an elocutionist of considerable ability and in this direction has helped many local charitable organisations. Politically Mrs Burniston is a Conservative. In 1930 she was adopted as prospective candidate for the Pontefract division, but withdrew before the last general election. Her political activities are still however extensive, and she has been in great demand in various parts of the country, as one of the speakers attached to the Conservative Central Office.

The bridegroom has been vicar of Snaith since 1924 before which he held appointments in Doncaster, Leeds, and Sheffield Mr Mosley’s first wife, who died two years ago, was an invalid for many years     

Fred Kitwood

F H Ellicott

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  1. Hi, Arthur Kirby is my second cousin twice removed and I do believe he was Lord Mayor of Goole from 1938-1939.

    Steph Miller
    Hull, East Yorkshire