Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stanley Oughtibridge of Swinefleet

In the WEA local history class I run in Goole - new members always welcome - we discuss all manner of subjects Goole related. This morning topics included the history of Fisons, once Goole Tillage, the role Lep played in the war assembling military vehicles and Stanley Oughtibridge.

I am not sure how we came to talk of him but he was one of Goole's characters. He was in fact from Swinefleet and began his career looking after lions in a circus. He then spent many years working in the music halls mainly in the north of England.

He was for many years a familiar figure in Goole, usually immaculately dressed and sometimes wearing spats.

This picture of Mr Oughtibridge, taken in 1989, was provided by Gilbert Tawn.

On a different topic Molly the puppy is growing by the day. She is, like most Labradors, keen to eat almost anything including so far a plug off a lamp, a library book cover and any unwary feet. She is not sure whether to chase chickens or run from them but seems to take most new events in her stride. I only wish her day did not start quite so early!!


  1. Mr Oughtibridge was known as charlie drake by kids in swinefleet. He drove narrow gage trains for fisons.

  2. Never knew his name but was always intrigued by him and wondered who he was and what he did - brings back happy memories of my childhood

  3. He frequented the Victoria Hotel in Goole on Sundays for several years he told me that with his connections in the circus world he provided the lions for the film industry also. He was a very extrovert character to say the least

  4. His father was called Horace Ougtibridge and his mother was called Jessie Anderson she died in 1988 aged 93 years. Stanley died in 2003 aged 82 years and is buried in Goole cemetery.