Friday, 4 November 2011

New Goole history book

This afternoon I have collected copies of my new book about the history of Goole from Broadleys, the local printers. I am very pleased with how the book looks and hope now that people will buy it. Shaun Chappelow has taken several boxes to  the family newsagents shops in Goole and Howden where they will be on sale from tomorrow.

Although I have finished this book, lots more fascinating old pictures of Goole keep coming to light.  Perhaps I shall have to begin another soon.

We have been looking at some of them in my local history class and never fail to find something interesting on them to talk about.  Many of the pictures are unnamed and we spend a lot of time trying to work out who everybody is. Goole is still quite a tight knit community and usually we find someone who can help.

Here is a picture of the staff at Herons' mill on Hook Road in Goole.

The staff of Herons Mill, Goole.

I am adding some information to this post on December 3rd. I have received a letter from Josephine who has managed to name nearly all the people on the above photo. They are  as follows:

Back, from left: Alan Marshall, unknown, Phylis Sharp, June Mathias, Jean Naylor, Hannah Ogleby, Ellen Coggon, Minnie Cook, Agnes Thompson, Charlie Turton, Sheila Harvey, Margaret Charlesworth, Maurice Clarkson, George Gott, Mrs Gott, Elsie Mell, Madeleine Guest.
Front: Florrie Smith, Mary Roes, Margaret Guest, Rene Baxter, Biddie Taylor, Muriel Clare, Eileen Smith, Tom Howdell, Elsie,Blackwell, Dinah Dixon, Dorothy Abram, Ester Nichols, Roy Heron, Mary Brigham, Madge Whiteley, Margaret Moss, Olga Coolledge, unknown, Theresa Whitehead.

She believes the photo may have been taken in the late 60s. If you know more or can provide the two missing names please let me know.

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