Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Howden church organist and choirmaster

I have been looking this week at various aspects of the history of Howden church and in particular some of the interesting people associated with it.

I was researching the history of the organ and found that in the 1890s the organist, choirmaster and master of the Howden Grammar school was Charles Sanderson Fosbery [1865-1958].

I knew little of him but I found that after leaving Howden he eventually moved in 1900 to Montreal in Canada. There, in 1909, he founded the Lower Canada College which, on his retirement in 1935, he gifted to the Old Boys of the school. It still flourishes as a private independent school. He returned to England, married a former matron of the school and lived in Bournemouth.

I wonder if he ever returned to visit Howden.

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