Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Howden parish records

I have been looking through my Howden notes and thought the following information may be of interest to researchers.

Goole Library has some Howden parish records which deal with the period 1828 to 1843. They refer to several matters but particularly to the poor.

For example, at a meeting in July 1828 it was reported that Thomas Nutbrown applied for clothes and it was agreed that he was to have a second hand coat.

In August the case of Milson Clark was discussed. He had previously been given notice to leave the workhouse and had appeared again to 'beg for something to set himself up as a quack doctor'. His request was refused on the grounds of his bad conduct.

A Mary Walsh appeared with a request for shoes. She was told to have the old ones repaired.

Also in these records are bastardy payments made by men to maintain their illegitimate children as well as some ale house licences, jury lists and notes on drains etc.

The records cover quite a short period but are very useful for anyone with ancestors in Howden.

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