Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Country notes

Although we are not quite at the end of February today felt like spring was on the way. I was able to walk Molly without wearing a woolly hat (me not Molly!) and it was still light at half past five. The snowdrops in my wood are carpeting the ground and seem particularly good this year. It is hard to believe that only a few days ago they were covered with snow and frost.

I have a few aconites in flower too but try as I might I cannot get them to spread. I envy the large patches I see in a nearby wood, contrasting so beautifully with the snowdrops.

It is warmer too and the Rayburn, stoked with logs from a dead elm, is keeping the house warm without too much input from the oil boiler. Listening to it going always makes me think that it is like burning money.

Tomorrow I am fetching three new brown hens and hope this time to keep them from the fox. I have plenty of grain for them and they will have no excuse not to lay us lots of eggs.

I have had the trees which fell over winter - two or three - dealt with and logged up although the young men who enthusiastically carried out the work 'accidentally' cut down my lilac tree. I was not happy.

Molly is now asleep in her bed, whimpering as she dreams of who knows what! A dog's life is not a bad one.

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