Sunday, 4 March 2012

Goole hobbies exhibition

Yesterday I had a stall at the Goole hobbies exhibition. It was very busy and I met lots of people interested in local history. I had a screen linked to my laptop and had different folders of pictures on display. By far the most popular were those showing ships, docks and railways. Several of those watching scenes of launches of Goole ships had worked on building them and were able to add information. Many remembered the launch of the Arctic Freebooter, a stern trawler, in 1965. Apparently there was a problem and she listed badly after entering the water.

I was kept very busy answering queries as varied as how large was the Goole registration district, did I have any old photos of Adlingfleet [only of the church] and when was the present Howden market cross erected [1909].

Today I have been sending off digital images of old photos which people ordered yesterday.
I did however make time to take Molly for a walk although we seem to have returned to winter weather and there were white flakes in the rain. The field near where we walk has recently been ploughed and she finds it puzzling to have to slither up and down the furrows whereas before she could run freely.

We have had a pair of Mallards on the pond and the new brown hens are beginning to lay. My rose hedge is beginning to grow and the daffodils are flowering amidst the snowdrops. I know it is only the beginning of March but I am keen to begin gardening.

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