Sunday, 15 May 2011

Family history day at Yorkshire Waterways Museum, Goole

I am looking forward to the family history day at the Yorkshire Waterways Museum on Dutch Riverside in Goole. This is taking place next Saturday 21st May from 10am to 4pm. It is always very friendly and I am having a stall/ display there alongside my friends from the Boothferry Family and Local History Group and the Marshland History group.

I have a very large collection of old historical photographs of the area and am going to take some of my albums as well as a lot of digital images to display on a screen attached to my laptop. It is an ongoing task cataloguing these old pictures and of course I keep adding more as people lend me their interesting old postcards and family snaps.

However today I have also been outside gardening and creating a fence to keep the chickens off my vegetable plot. In any case the plants are not growing very well as it is so dry and the chickens are enjoying dust baths amongst the young potatoes.

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