Monday, 16 May 2011

Hackforth's cafe in Goole

One of Goole's most popular shops was Hackforth's on Boothferry Road. I have recently been asked for any old pictures of the shop and Gilbert Tawn has kindly sent me this picture of the staff.

Not only was Hackforth's a  high class grocer's and bakery but upstairs was a cafe where ladies could  drink morning coffee and take afternoon tea and where many a Goole couple held their wedding reception.

From left [we think]  Marion Higgins, unknown, Mary Fenwick, Eva Balcam,  Grace Barker,  Eileen Smith, Iris Revell, Irene Whitely, Sam Spence.

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  1. As I was the errand lad in 1965, where’s my picture?