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Goole Times weddings - John William and Mary Hutton

This will, I hope, become one of a series sharing with a wider audience the interesting golden and diamond wedding reports which have  appeared over the years in the Goole Times. I have many pictures of these celebrating  couples in my photograph collection but until recently I did not know who most of them were.

I handed them over to Gilbert Tawn who has spent many hours in Goole library identifying the couples and finding the reports which went with each picture. So far he has seventy of them completed!

These reports give a fascinating picture of the lives that these local people led, mostly in the first part of the twentieth century. They were, for the most part, ordinary people who worked  in Goole in the shipyard, on the docks and  the canal or on the railway. Others were tradesmen and farm workers from Goole, Howden and the surrounding villages.

I shall add them here onto my blog as and when I can. The report below is as it appeared in the Goole Times newspaper in 1955

John William Hutton and his wife, the former Mary Alice Coleman



A couple who have both been readers of the “Goole Times” for over 50 years, Mr and Mrs John William Hutton of Sanders View, Skelton are today (Friday) celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary.

They were married at St David's Church Airmyn by the curate the Rev W Waters on August 19th 1895.

Mr Hutton, who will be 82 in October was born at the Jolly Sailor, Skelton, and began work at the age of 15 with the late Mr Joseph Glew,  the Goole furniture dealer as an upholsterer and polisher. He then became a journeyman, working at Scarborough and Nottingham before returning to Goole to continue his trade with Messrs Millard and Eastham.

During the First World War Mr Hutton saw active service in France with the Royal Engineers. On returning to England he set up his own upholstery and polishing business, a business which he kept up until the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939.  He then went to work at Goole shipyard where an accident caused his retirement some 10 years ago.


Mr Hutton is the oldest freemason in the district, having been a member of St Cuthbert's lodge for 52 years. His fellow freemasons recently presented him with a gift to mark his diamond wedding anniversary.

Mrs Hutton who is 78 is a native of Manchester. She came to this district 65 years ago and worked as a dress maker for Miss Precious in Jefferson Street Goole.

Immediately after their marriage Mr and Mrs Hutton lived in Parliament Street Goole before moving to Skelton and then returning to Goole - a move which they carried out a number of times. For many years they lived in Jackson Street.

While living in Goole both Mr and Mrs Hutton were regular attenders at St Paul's Church and the Parish Church, Mr Hutton recalls that for several weeks in 1891 he walked from Skelton to Hook across the frozen river Ouse. He also recalls helping the wounded in North Street after the bombing raid on Goole in the First World War.

Mr and Mrs Hutton who both enjoy good health have four sons, three daughters, 14 grandchildren, and fifteen great grandchildren.

To mark the anniversary a reception will be held at St Paul's school room, Goole tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon.

If you would like to know whether your relatives may be amongst those whose photographs have been identified please contact me in comments below or through my website Howdenshire History . Most of them so far are from the 1950s and 1960s.

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