Tuesday, 17 May 2011

From my garden

I am lucky to have a large garden with several mature trees and a pond. At present the pond is quite empty as it takes the roof water from the house and the recent lack of rain means the level is very low. However I was pleased to see some tadpoles the other day and the yellow flag is just coming into flower.

The old country saying about the oak and the ash came to mind today as my oak trees have been out for several weeks whereas my very tall ash is only just beginning to green up. According to the rhyme, oak before ash means we shall have a splash whereas ash before oak means we shall have a soak. So a dry summer seems on the cards.

I have been watching my fig tree with some trepidation. It is at least 30 years old and planted against a south facing wall. We have had some good crops of figs in the past but so far it has no leaves. There is a leafy sucker near the roots and a few green knobbly bits on the main trunk so I am hoping it will eventually be alright. The severe winter killed my long-established bay tree - I can only hope the fig will recover.

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