Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Barmby on the Marsh history - 2

Soon after writing about the mills at Barmby I had a message from Stuart whose ancestors were in fact the millers there at one time. His 3x great grandfather was John Cook who was a miller at Barmby. John's daughter Sarah married John Fox in 1856 whose father, Joseph Fox, was a miller at Airmyn.

Joseph Fox had moved from Airmyn to Brumby (Lincolnshire) where he was unfortunately killed on the 7th January 1839 during the great storm when he went out to inspect the mill and a large wooden spar fell on him.

Stuart is happy to share this information and I too would be happy to put any other interesting bits of family history on this blog for others to read.

I am continuing my researches into the village and have just obtained a copy of an 18th century Barmby inventory for a weaver who left a loom in his (work) shop.


  1. in October of 1827 two children were killed by the sail of the mill at gilberdyke mill, Thomas and Robert bell, ages 4 and 2. said to have been recorded at blacktoft parrish. they were living in scalby. who were the parents of these two?, and were they related to Nathaniel bell?

  2. There is some information about the Gilberdyke mill on my website -Howdenshirehistory.co.uk. which I think might be of help. If not contact me through the site