Sunday, 19 June 2011

Eastrington Show 2011

We went to Eastrington Show yesterday and enjoyed meeting several old friends.

It was a cool day but dry and not windy like last year. Then we had a tent with a display of old photographs and copies of my book about Eastrington. It did not last long in the gale and despite our best efforts it blew down.

This year we watched the display by the locally based Action Horses and then went to see how we had fared in the produce section. My aunt's begonia had won a prize in the houseplant class, our picture of a water lily at Kew was the best flower photo but most pleasingly our eggs had also won a prize. As the grand daughter of the owners of the Eastrington Poultry Farm I felt  my grand parents would have been pleased. (I have to say I was less pleased when three of our eggs, left on display, were taken by someone. Not, I felt, in the spirit of the show!)

My family have lived in Eastrington for  over three centuries. My ancestors have, no doubt, attended most of the shows of former years and for many years my father, Doug Watson, was the secretary. I  personally have very happy memories of  shows where I took part in fancy dress, rode on the speedway, entered my pony in trotting races and later sat in some very hot tents as we tried to keep the horse jumping running smoothly.

This year's show was perhaps a bit quieter but I hope to attend Eastrington Show in 2012.

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