Sunday, 5 June 2011

From my garden

I have spent the day outside having a bonfire of small branches and twigs which were cut down a few weeks ago. They had become overgrown with grass and nettles and meant I could not get my very old grass cutter round the woodland part of the garden.

Norman the cockerel has settled in well but spends a lot of time on his own. His hens rush off to next door's cockerel as soon as I let them out and Norman walks round disconsolately wondering where they are. He has, however, a very powerful voice and the two birds spend a lot of time crowing at each other.

I wish it would rain properly. The vegetable plot is very dry and the potatoes are beginning to droop. I heard on the radio that the pea crop will be bad this year and we can expect to pay more for our frozen peas in the future.

I went to a talk last week given by the warden at Blacktoft Sands RSPB bird reserve. It was amazing just how many different varieties both nest and visit there. I hope to visit soon but in the meantime I will try to identify the birds I see here daily. I am not very good but can recognise the crows who hover about and who stole three eggs I left out one day.

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