Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Goole Grammar School 1926

A good number of years ago now I was a pupil at Goole Grammar School. The headmaster was Mr J L Latimer although he retired whilst I was there and was followed by Mr Peter Teed.

I remember the strict insistence on uniform - no duffle coat, only a blue gaberdine mac and the horrible 'pork pie' hat. Outdoor shoes had to be black and lace up and we had to wear  white socks until we were 14.

I have recently found a picture of the whole school - then Goole Secondary School - in June 1926. It has suffered a bit over the years but generally all the faces are recognisable. What is interesting is that the girls' uniform does not look so different from mine with a gymship and white blouse.

Mine came from Gordon Clarke's down ?Carlisle Street.  However the girls here are wearing open-necked  blouses. Was this their summer uniform, when we wore blue and white striped dresses or did they not have to bother with the dreaded tie?

This is a section from the middle of what is a very long picture.  I believe the gentleman wearing a gown in the centre is the school's first headmaster Mr Clarence Jacob Forth

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