Tuesday, 28 June 2011

From my garden

This weekend has been very hot and sticky and then last night the weather broke with the crashing and banging of a thunderstorm during the night. It always seems more impressive and a little more frightening when it is dark.

We have been picking raspberries and blackcurrants, I freeze them on baking trays and then transfer them into plastic containers. I think the rasps are my favourite although we enjoyed a blackcurrant crumble for tea.

Norman the cockerel now has a small harem of two hens and seems to be strutting more happily round the garden with them. In fact he found some low-hanging rasps and was quite reluctant to be parted from them.

The nearby grass land has all been cut and put into large green bags - just beating the rain. I thought it was silage but have been informed it is more probably haylage. I am not sure I know the difference.

It is however a far cry from when we had ponies as a child and my father cut grass on the roadside verge with an Allen scythe. We raked it and turned it by hand and then pitch forked it into hay cocks. It was very scratchy and itchy to deal with but I can still remember the  lovely smell.

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